Intel vPro can save big money

Intel vPro can save big money

Intel vPro is a common under-the-hood technology that falls off many PC users’ radar screens. In essence, vPro allows PC’s to be fixed and maintained remotely, potentially saving businesses money because they don’t have to incur costs related to IT staffing that would be necessary if maintenance was done at each PC onsite. The problem is that too often deskside visits are required in order to resolve an issue because the computer isn’t booting or behaving normally. Each of these scenarios describes an “out-of-band” scenario. In the past these scenarios have required a visit to the computer having an issue, but no longer is this the case with Intel vPro systems. With Intel vPro as long as your network is working properly (including internet) and your computer is getting power, we can see what you are seeing without having to come to your office.

I bet you are wondering why you need a system that has Intel vPro capabilities now, aren’t you? Well, with Intel vPro and your consent you we will be able to resolve even more of your issues remotely. This incredible manageability feature helps us deliver service to you without having to increase the price of our service. If we need to use Intel vPro you will see a screen similar to this one:

From here we will put in the code on our end and will be able to see exactly what you are seeing on your screen regardless of whether or not the computer is functioning properly.
As you can see, Intel vPro is great product that will help us serve you in a more timely manner. It is a great solution for those problems that are hard to explain or not resolvable by regular remote support means. It really is a feature your computer needs to keep your uptime on the up-and-up.

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