About Us

Presentation about automation as an innovation improving productivity, reliability and repeatability in systems or processes

Our Approach

Businesses hire Nehring Technology to improve their technology so that it works better and is more secure!  We know the results businesses want from their technology: minimal downtime, productive employees, and a secure environment.  Many businesses fall short of their goals because of the inefficient processes they develop or a lack of processes all together.  We have learned to leverage industry best practices to achieve our client’s goals.

Our Story

Nehring Technology began in the home of Justin and Kris Nehring back in 2006. From its humble beginnings, Nehring Technology has focused its mission around enhancing and improving business technology through proactive maintenance and support. Since becoming a Managed Service Provider in 2010, we are now servicing over 65 small to mid-sized businesses all over Texas. As your outsourced IT, we take responsibility of your technology so you can focus on your business.

Every Business Deserves A CyberHero...

Let us be your CyberHero. You will not be disappointed. Call us today for a breach detection scan...